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Dave’s Guitar Shop is proud to present one of the finest selections of IN STOCK Taylor Guitars anywhere in the USA!  Taylor Guitars features a wide range of guitar styles, price points, and tonal flavors to satisfy your acoustic guitar tone quest!  Choose from a huge variety of possibilities – traditional acoustics like the brand new Grand Pacific or American Dream guitars; the award winning Grand Auditorium and Grand Concert series; travel size guitars from Baby’s to the wide assortment of the GS Mini’s (that even include bass models!); and finally the hybrid “do it all” guitars like the T5 and T5z that feature both acoustic and electric tones!  If you crave something totally unique, Taylor Guitars also features an amazing custom “build to order” program!  Browse through our wide selection of in stock Taylor Guitars, or feel free to call us if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for!  Our knowledgeable staff will help guide you through your options, and we’ll help you choose OR put together the Taylor guitar of your dreams!

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