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Dr. Z Cure 1-12 Combo

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Price: $1,599.00

Condition: New
Item Code: ISI13562.

Product Description

The CURE is an amp that takes Dr. Z Amps back to its roots. Built on their 30 year foundation of delivering excellent, professional grade amplifiers, it is designed using the highest grade components, totally hand built, and available at a very reasonable price.

The CURE uses the award winning Z-LUX as it’s starting point; you could consider it the “Z-Lux Jr.” It simplifies the Z-LUX formula, forgoing reverb and tremolo, yet retains the rich, tube rectified, 6V6 “American” voiced tone the Z-LUX is renowned for. At the heart and soul of the CURE is a vintage voiced output transformer hand wound by Triad Magnetics, the company responsible for the transformers in the classic “tweed” amps of the 1950’s. The CURE also features an effects loop, a full EQ with master volume, as well as a global output level control. It is housed in a compact, light weight, yet resonant 1×12 “studio” cab with a specially designed Eminence Z12 speaker (as featured in the Z-LUX combo) for maximum portability. Set your volume and master for desired clean or distortion then set the overall loudness with the Level control. The Variable Boost footswitch for additional gain to take your lead playing over the top is also included.

Additional Information

Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 22 x 28 x 28 in


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