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Tim Mullally

So tim-mhere’s the deal, many many years ago a handful of us “local kids” used to ride our bicycles from our homes across the river to this newly opened guitar shop in LaCrosse, WI. called “Dave’s Guitar Shop”.  It was a small place and pretty cool. I was 15 or 16 at the time and was only able to see photos of a Candy Apple Red 60’s era Fender Jazz bass. Well, Dave had the first one that I had ever seen. When I asked him if I could play it he replied with stern “No”. Well, go figure. That never stopped us. We made the bike trips dozens of times and we were finally able to get our hands on the guitars and basses that we used to dream about. Keep in mind that this was way back in 1983! But I should say that I bought my first real bass – a Kramer DMZ 5000 from Larry’s Music – with my paper route money. So take that.

A lot of things have changed since then. The store has changed locations a few times. I am pretty sure that I was “unofficially hired” when I was asked to help rip out a recording studio that was in the back of the old Causeway Blvd shop. This was around early 1990. I was probably the only one that did not get a nail stuck in the foot or a concussion from a wall of sand hitting me in the head. Big fun!

So, um, yeah, I have been around this shop and all of this stuff for a while. When I am not here working on the shop website, I am usually in my home studio writing, recording, and working on a ton of music projects.


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