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Phil Kirst

Born and raised in Milwaukee, I always had a love of music and the instruments that produced it.  After finishing high school, I attended Southeast Technical College in Red Wing MN and graduated with a degree in Guitar Building and Repair as well as Advanced Guitar Construction and Production.  Directly after completing school, I started working at Dave’s as a full time Luthier. At the time the repair department was just starting to thrive and being there at that time allowed me to hone my knowledge and skills repairing guitars quickly.  I found my niche in vintage Fender’s and early Gibson acoustics and took on as many restoration jobs as I could. Working with these instruments gave me an in depth knowledge of vintage guitars far exceeding my years.



After nearly six years at Dave’s, I now manage the Milwaukee location as well as handle vintage appraisals and any restoration work that comes through.  I love to talk guitars and you can usually find something interesting on my bench any day of the week.



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