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Josh Walker

josh-wI started working here at Dave’s as the Accessories Manager back in 2015, but I’ve been shopping and hanging out here since I moved to La Crosse from the Great White North of Canada back in 2005. I graduated from Western Technical College in 2011 with a degree in Graphic Design, and I handle all of the graphics and marketing here at Dave’s. I’m definitely the “Pedal Guy” here at Dave’s, so if you have any questions on pedals, or just want to talk about cool effects, I’m your guy. I enjoy all kinds of music, but most of what I listen to is “Alternative” or “Classic Rock”. I spend most of my time playing Guitar or Drums on my church’s worship team, which I really love. I would tell you what kind of guitars I have, but that will certainly have changed by the time you’re reading this.

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Photography @ DGS
December 9, 2017 by Josh Walker

Hey folks! We’ve had some questions about our photography process, and I’m hoping I can shed some light on it (pun absolutely intended). Feel free to post any questions you… READ MORE