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Dave’s in the Community

About a month ago, the team at Dave’s Milwaukee were approached by local musician, Victor Manuel Campos, about making a bulk order for acoustic guitars. Campos volunteers at Faith/Santa Fe Lutheran Church, where he teaches small class sizes  of elementary aged children.

 Through the church, the children perform music at many venues throughout Milwaukee. These performances provide an opportunity to showcase their talents, but more importantly, afford them real world experience and confidence.

Unfortunately, many of the children come from lower income areas, and oftentimes come to class with beat up, hard to play gear. That is why the church, with the guidance of Pastor Richard Suero and recommendation of Campos, endeavored to purchase new guitars for the kids. 


Knowing the inventory that Milwaukee had at that time would not suffice, the staff made a call to Dave’s La Crosse about shipping down 5 guitars to meet the needs of the church. Without hesitation, Dave elected to donate 5 PRS SE Angelus Standards rather than sell them outright.

If you know Dave, you know that his love for guitar is the driving force in everything he’s done for the last 37 years. Passing the craft down to the next generation is a personal mission for Dave, and he’d tell you that himself. We’re happy to donate to a great cause, and honored to be a small part of the next generation of guitar players.