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Favorites from Winter NAMM 2019

If you’ve been playing guitar for a while, you know there is always a new piece of gear you just “gotta have.” Winter NAMM comes and goes, and some guitar or innovation captures your imagination like the first time you strummed a G chord. This year, guitar companies industry wide have revealed no shortage of awesome new products for their 2019 lineups.

We couldn’t possibly talk about all of the awesome releases from NAMM, so we decided to highlight a few of our favorites. Here is our list of favorite releases from Winter NAMM 2019.


Fender American Acoustasonic Telecaster

“From acoustic shape-shifting to electric rhythm tones.”The  American  Acoustasonic Telecaster is the product of blending fundamental acoustic craftsmanship with modern electronic design

philosophy. Many of the standard appointments include a bevelled forearm rest, mahogany bolt-on Telecaster neck with ebony fingerboard, Acoustasonic Noiseless Magnetic Pickup, and Stringed Instrument Resonance System (SIRS,) but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Versatility is the first word that comes to mind with the Acoustasonic. Fender boasts ten tonewood combinations and bodystyle modeling through the Fishman designed Acoustic Engine. This allows  for multiple sonic applications for both studio and live performance, but It still sounds great without plugging into an amp at all. A wide spectrum of tonal profiles are attainable with this hybrid of design.

This is the perfect guitar for a regularly gigging musician trying to capture multiple tones with minimal gear, or a studio player seeking the just the right sound. This guitar is a game changer, no two ways around it.


Taylor Grand Pacific

The Grand Pacific bodystyle delves into a tone profile previously unavailable within Taylor’s product line. Using their patented V-Class™ bracing system in conjunction with the round-shoulder body design, Taylor has endeavored to minimize sonic imperfections in live performance, and more closely emulate recorded acoustic sounds.

This shape will produce a warmer sound, with more overlap of notes. The guitar tends create a rounded, and broader sound. For some perspective, Taylor describes their Grand Auditorium  model as their  “Jack of all trades” guitar, and is considered by many to have the iconic “Taylor sound.” The Grand Pacific subverts this expectation, and comes to the table with a refreshingly different tonality, despite maintaining the Taylor quality and excellence you have come to know.

We’re excited to be getting one of these bad-boys in the very near future, so stay tuned!


Gibson Chris Cornell ES-335 Tribute

Soundgarden, Audioslave, Temple of the Dog, and not least to mention his solo work, Chris Cornell was a 90’s rock and grunge icon. Gibson’s tribute to the late rocker’s ES-335 signature model is something to behold. The beautiful Olive Drab Green finish highlighted by the cream binding of the back and sides, makes small esthetic appointments like nickel shaded hardware and Mother of Pearl Chris Cornell signature peghead inlay pop out.

In addition to esthetics, Gibson is upping their game with upgraded specs from their previous Chris Cornell signature model. The 2019 tribute comes stock with  aged Lollartron pickups in both the bridge and neck position, to really capture that heavy tone uncommon for ES-335 models.

Here is a link to Chris Cornell ES-339 Tribute Spec-list from Gibson.


PRS Silver Sky Colors

When PRS announced that they would be collaborating with John Mayer to design a new line of guitars in 2018, the guitar community was stunned. The Silver Sky broke away from conventional PRS design philosophy, to make way for a throwback single coil workhorse inspired by vintage instruments of the 1960’s.

Upon its release we got four colors to choose from; Frost, Horizon, Onyx, and Tungsten. At NAMM, PRS announced four more colors to choose from! The new colors include Dodgem Blue, Golden Mesa, Moc Sand, and Orion Green. The new colors boast a more vibrant pallet, and are a welcome addition to the Silver Sky product line.


Charvel USA Select DK24 HH 2PT CM

 This is a player’s guitar in both in playability and versatility. We’ve been really impressed with the some of the lower price point guitars in Charvel’s Pro Mod line, but the USA Select DK24’s coming out of the Custom Shop are among the upper echelon of high performance guitars. Like a revved engine of classic American muscle cars, you’ll hear it coming, and your jaw will drop when you see it.

The 12”-16” compound radius on the caramelized fingerboard allows for maximum mobility and up and down its 24 stainless steel frets. Like an engine of an aforementioned muscle car, ease of access to the  heel mount truss rod allows for quick tweaks to promote highest performance possible from the neck. On top of all that, the back of body is contoured for easier access to higher notes. This is a guitar line to keep an eye on. Needless to say, we are fans.

Here is a link to USA SELECT DK24 HH 2PT CM


So, there you have it! Some of our favorites from Winter NAMM 2019. There was a lot announced and released that we weren’t able to talk about here, but are definitely excited for. We’ll be getting most these products here at Dave’s soon, so stay tuned for updates as they come.

What were some of your favorite Winter NAMM releases this year? Let us know in the comment section, below!