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Cool Guitars of the Day – ’66 Strat and ’53 Tele

We just got in a couple of really cool player-grade vintage Fenders for sale that we’d like to show off!

First, one the left is this ’53 Tele. The body and neck were refinished many years ago in Butterscotch Blonde, with a Repro decal, and a Pro refret. It also looks like Seymour Duncan pickups have been installed, with new pots and a newer 3 way switch. It has a Repro pickguard and bridge saddles, and the wood around the nut has been replaced, With a later 50’s Tweed case. Overall, it puts a great playing ’53 tele much more within reach to a player!

Second, on the right we have a ’66 Strat. This one was also refinished in Black, and the bridge pickup cavity has been routed a little deeper. The neck and the front of the headstock have been over sprayed, Two of the pots and the middle pickup have been replaced, there is an added mini-toggle switch and an extra string tree. Schaller tuners were installed at one time and the originals are now back on the guitar. The tremolo cover is also missing. Again, another great player-grade vintage Fender!

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