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PRS Factory Visit / Wood Library

PRS Tour005We recently got a chance to go and spend some time with our friends out at PRS. We got a chance to spend sometime in the Stevensville area on Sunday afternoon. Its a beautiful little town right on the Chesapeake Bay. We had a nice dinner right on the water and got a chance to try out some true Maryland Crab Cakes!  A must try if you are ever out in the area!

The next day we spent the entire day at the factory. Once you have been out to their factory you start to get a really good understanding of why their guitars are so well built. Everything out there has a really great vibe and is resonate of Paul’s vision and what they want to represent in their guitars. Everything is clean and precise. Cutting Edge. Everyone is friendly and great to work with.

We spent the majority of the afternoon digging through their Wood Library. Think of an area with choice wood selections available where a dealer can PRS Tour006spend some time picking through wood and designing limited run guitars that fit the style and vibe of their shop. We spent hour digging through wood and found some simply amazing stuff. While we were out there they showed us a new neck wood called Katalox. A form of Ebony, it will be unfinished very similar to their Rosewood necks. Aesthetically it has a beautiful dark chocolate color with dark wild grain patterns reminiscent of Brazilian rosewood. Tonally it is resonate and musical. It rings out brilliantly.

We are running 3 runs of limited Run guitars out of the wood library for our shop that should be available in August!

10 Custom 22 Semi-Hollows w/ a Single F hole. Korina or Katalox necks with Ziricote Fingerboards and headstock veneers. We are using the new 58/15 PAF style pickups in these. They are truly amazing pickups. Custom Gold MOP and Red Paua Bird inlays, with the new Black Paisley artist cases.

10 McCarty Rosewood neck guitars I am terming “Modern Eagle Lite”. These guitars embrace the vintage vibe that Dave loves with the modern edge that makes PRS so great. Solid Rosewood Necks, Brazilian Rosewood Fingerboard and headstock veneer, Old school Green ripple birds, and 58/15 pickups with locking tuners.

5 Hollowbody Is without the Piezo pickup. We wanted to build a guitar that was a “Old School” Hollowbody guitar. 57/08 pickups, Gold MOP and Mother of Pearl inlays. Korina Necks with African Blackwood Fingerboards and Headstock Veneers.

All of these guitars are available for preorder and you can see all of the wood listed on our website! Feel free to call with any questions and head over to the Wood library section and check them out: