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Dunlop Eric Johnson Signature Fuzz Face

    • Designed after Eric's personal prized Fuzz Faces
    • Custom vintage-style hammertone finish
    • Custom reproduction '68-'69 knobs

Condition: New



Dwarfcraft Devices Thumping Double Squaresnakes

The original Dwarfcraft Device!  and still a superstar! 3 squarewave oscillators a-bumpin-and-a-grindin to your hearts content.  With an independent mix knob for each little voice on board.  It’ll sing, it’ll scream, it’ll fight with itself.  You don’t play it, you play with it.

Condition: New



JHS Warble Tron

From the 60’s came an effect that had a serious impact on the way guitarist expressed themselves. It was an effect that when used right had that “wow” factor and it was a tool that helped make the “Star Spangled” banner relative to a new generation in the hands of a man named Jimi. Some of the most influential guitarist ever have consistently found a way to express their voice with this circuit and we feel you will too.

With a large speed control that is easily controlled with your foot, live performance changes are ease. The Speed LED blinks in time with the speed even when the unit is off so you always know what is going on inside. Controls for Mix (blend of clean and effect), Volume (raise or lower the overall volume) and vibrato/chorus toggle (gives you the classic chorus or vibrato settings with the flick of a switch). The Warble-Tron is internally turning your standard 9v into 15v so there is no need to have a funky adapter.

Condition: New



Way Huge Electronics Aqua Puss Analog Delay MKII

  • Vintage-style analog delay.
  • 20ms to 300ms of delay time.
  • Self-oscillating psycho-freak-out mode!

Condition: New



Viewing 101 - 104 of 104View All