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Moog Moogerfooger Lowpass Filter

The award-winning MF-101 Lowpass Filter is a direct descendant of the original Moog modular synthesizers. It contains two complete modular functions: a voltage-controlled lowpass filter and an envelope follower. It can be used with any instrument-level to line level-signal. EC.

Condition: Used



Electro Harmonix Poly Chorus 90′s

With Power Adapter, VG+.

Condition: Used



Boss PS-5 Super Shifter

The Boss PS-5 SUPER Shifter Pedal does what no other compact pedal has done before: shifting (basic or intelligent), harmonies, de-tuning, and a variety of whammy-type tremolo arm effects. Simple knob-based controls. Can be used with an optional expression pedal to shift pitch in real time. EC.

Condition: Used



Fishman Fission Bass Powerchord FX

Do you play bass in a power trio? Does your band sound a bit thin during guitar solos? The Fishman Fission Bass Effects Pedal is an all-purpose bass thickening agent that stacks harmonies over your bass lines. Add a fourth or fifth (or both) above or below (or both). Want overdrive with that? The Fission Bass is not only boatloads of fun - it also sounds incredible. Play single note bass lines and get massive chord stacks with clearly delineated notes. Get daring with double or triple stops. We should warn you that you might well get a swollen head and fire your guitarist. Steady On. The Fishman Fission Bass Effects Pedal - think of it as corn starch for your bass sound. Jack Bruce could have used one of these in Cream. With Box and Velcro, EC.

Condition: Used



Eminence 12″ Alnico Speaker

Made in 1969 as OEM speakers. EC.

Condition: Used



McPherson Picks 80′s

5 Picks for $10.

Condition: Used



DOD FX84 Milk Box Compressor

The DOD FX84 Milk Box Pedal is a compressor and frequency expander in one box. It gives you creamy, smooth compression and the Hi Exp control expands the signal's high frequency to perfection. Also has Level, Compress, and Attack knobs for precisely shaping your signal.

Condition: Used



Dunlop Tremolo Stereo Pan

Dunlop has truly captured the classic Tremolo effect found in vintage amps, while upgrading the reliability with modern circuitry. The TS-1 offers both stereo and mono Tremolo effects. The auto-panning stereo mode provides the ability to ping-pong your sound from channel to channel at varying speeds and transitional rates with complete intensity control. With 18 volt power supply, EC-.

Condition: Used



Keeley Stahlhammer Distortion

Keeley Stahlhammer Distortion is a hard hitting distortion pedal with no equal at Keeley Electronics.  For cranked British amp sounds, this unique pedal design delivers. Keeley has combined classic high gain amp distortion and added a tube amp style EQ to give you a wealth of tones.  This unique structure has two modes of operation – High Gain/Tube Saturation switchable from the right side of the pedal. The three tone controls, Bass – Middle – Treble, give you a fantastic range of amp sounds that you will be both familiar with and find easy to dial in.

Condition: Used



TC Electronics C400XL

The TC Electronic C400XL is a supreme Dual Gate/Compressor specially designed for audio professionals on the road. Combining award-winning multiband compression technology with an extremely fast and intuitive user interface as well as a super silent click free gate, the C400XL is made for the uncompromising live engineer.

Condition: Used



Eminence Delta Lite II 2512

With box, EC.

Condition: Used



Viewing 51 - 62 of 62View All