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65 Amps London Pro Head and 1-12 Cab, Recent

Sold as a set, EC+

Condition: Used


8.6 pounds! $1,395.00

Fender American Vintage ’62 Reissue Jaguar, Recent

Olympic White, With hardshell case, EC

Condition: Used


8.4 pounds! $1,795.00

Gibson Non-Reverse Firebird ’08

TV White, Custom Shop, Gold hardware, 3 Mini Humbuckers, With the certificate and hardshell case, EC+

Condition: Used


7.8 pounds! $1,250.00

Fender Jeff Beck Strat ’11

Surf Green, With hardshell case, EC+

Condition: Used



Ibanez Keeley Modded TS9

Ibanez TS9 Made In Japan, modded by Keeley Electronics. EC.

Condition: Used



Earthquaker Devices Disaster Transport Jr Delay

The Disaster Transport Jr. is an analog voiced digital delay with 625ms delay time with an all analog dry signal path and true bypass switching. It was designed as an anti-modern delay for those who appreciate a nice vintage tape echo with all it’s peculiarities. Its unique tone control doubles as a noise filter on longer delay settings and really helps the delay shine with a dirty signal. The mix control allows you to boost the effected signal to nearly 4x the original signal level and the repeats control goes from one signal repeat to near infinite repeats all the way through to self oscillation. With Box, EC.

Condition: Used



Ibanez Talman TCY-15E ’11

Red, With the factory pickup system, No case, EC

Condition: Used



Hohner HHB5T 1-8 Combo, Recent

5 watt tube amp with reverb and a XLR direct out, EC+

Condition: Used



Fender 50′s Reissue Strat ’06

Dakota Red, Made in Mexico, Gold Lace Sensor pickups have been installed, With gig bag, EC

Condition: Used



Fender 50′s Reissue Strat ’10

Black, Made in Mexico, With gig bag, EC

Condition: Used



Martin OOOX1AE ’13

Natural, No case, EC+

Condition: Used


6.6 pounds! $2,750.00

Tom Anderson Hollow Cobra ’14

Black Shaded Edge with binding, Serial number 03-13-14A, Koa top on a chambered Mahogany body, Happy Medium shaped Rosewood neck with a Rosewood fingerboard, 1 11/16th” width at the nut, Jumbo frets, Black fixed bridge, HF1 and HF3 pickups, 5 way with Push/Pull, With hardshell case, EC+

Condition: Used



Keeley Framptone Amp Switcher

With Box, EC.

Condition: Used



Mooer Pure Octave

The Mooer Pure Octave delivers awesome octave effects in a compact pedalboard-friendly package. You can switch between 11 octave modes and adjust the lower, upper and SUB sections of your signal for full tonal control. Its full metal casing makes it durable and road ready, and like most great effects pedals it has true bypass. EC-.

Condition: Used



Electro Harmonix Holy Grail

The Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail Nano Reverb Guitar Effects Pedal has the prized sounds of the legendary Holy Grail reverb pedal in a rugged, performance-friendly nano die-cast chassis. The small footprint stompbox fits easily into any pedal board while still delivering the amazing reverb sounds that made the original 2002 Holy Grail a legend among guitarists everywhere. The EH Holy Grail Nano reverb pedal provides the original classic Spring reverb revered by guitarists for its authentic sound, a Hall reverb specifically designed for performing musicians, and the completely original “Flerb” — a flanged reverb with unique and haunting spatial definition. The original Holy Grail was prized for re-creating quality reverb spaces and the Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail Nano pedal delivers the same definitive reverbs while saving you pedalboard space. EC.

Condition: Used



Ross Flanger


Condition: Used



Electro Harmonix Bad Stone Phase Shifter

Made in USA between 1975-1981, VG+.

Condition: Used



Fulltone PlimSoul Distortion

For many, many years you’ve basically had 2 choices for your overdrive and distortion pedals. You could either get “Soft-clipped” Bluesy, slightly compressed-type overdrive pedals, or you could get “Hard-Clipped” type distortion pedals. Now, the Fulltone PlimSoul guitar effects pedal offers both distortion and overdrive for a great price. EC

Condition: Used



Ibanez TS808HW Tubescreamer

The Ibanez Tube Screamer, in its many versions and forms, can be found on pedal boards across the globe. Its warm overdrive is a sound many players, from advanced to beginner, can’t be without. The hand-wired deluxe TS808HW Tube Screamer offers even more capability and was built with the pro musician in mind. Encased in a special, heavy-duty metal box, the TS808HW pedal is hand-wired with select JRC4558D IC chips (same as the revered and often-imitated TS808) and uses Japanese high-end MOGAMI OEC cable (AWG21). Equipped with true bypass, this Tube Screamer sends pure guitar excitement to your amplifier with no tonal loss whatsoever. This is, by far, the most evolved Tube Screamer pedal Ibanez has ever created. With box, EC+.

Condition: Used



Taylor 514CE Fall Limited ’14

Shaded Edge Burst, Grand Auditorium body size, Sitka Spruce top, Single Ring Ivoroid Rosette, Forward shifted pattern bracing with Relief Rout, Tasmanian Blackwood back and sides, Ivoroid binding, Ebony fingerboard with the Ivoroid Century inlays on a Tropical Mahogany neck, 25.5” scale length, 1 3/4” width at the nut, With the Expression 2 system and hardshell case, EC+

Condition: Used



Fender Standard Telecaster

Multiple colors or weights available

Available in Lake Placid Blue, Black, Candy Apple Red, Brown Sunburst, Midnight Wine, and Arctic White, Made in Mexico, Alder body, Modern C shaped Maple neck with a 9.5” radius Maple fingerboard and medium jumbo frets, Standard single coil Tele bridge and neck pickups, 6 saddle string thru body bridge, Cast/sealed tuners, and a 70’s style headstock logo, Case not included

Condition: New


7.4 pounds! $1,250.00

Fender American Vintage ’57 Reissue Strat, Recent

Surf Green, With hardshell case, EC

Condition: Used



Vox AC-4HW1 1-12 Combo, Recent

Hand wired 4 watt tube amp with the Celestion G12M Greenback speaker, footswitch, and cover, EC+

Condition: Used



Orange AD-30 Twin Channel 2-12 Combo, Recent

Loaded with the Celestion G12 Vintage 30 speakers, EC

Condition: Used



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