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Mattoverse Electronics Drone Tone MKII

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Price: $129.00

Condition: New
Item Code: ISI10716.

Product Description

The Drone Tone is a single oscillator drone synthesizer (noise generator) in a guitar pedal format.  There are two modes accessed via toggle switch:  Pulse, which provides a pitch and rate-controllable pulsing square wave or Drone which provides a steady pitch controllable square wave tone. Controls for Rate, Pitch, Tone, and Mix.

The instrument input runs through a high impedance unity gain buffer when the pedal is engaged.

Set a pitch and rate and jam along.  Or feed it into modulation, fuzz or other effects.

Works great with guitar or bass

MKII is a limited run

MKII provides the following updates to MKI

1 – Perfect Pitch Stability between the Pulse and Drone options

2 – Pulse Rate can go much slower

3 – Tone control to tame the brightness of the drone sound


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