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Fender Vibro King

Fender introduced the Vibro King® in 1993 to great acclaim, marking a return to a great hand wired amp tradition while including a previously unavailable selection of sought after features. In the two decades since, guitarists and amp aficionados everywhere have prized the enduringly Vibro King® as one of the most touch sensitive amps ever, with sparkling clean shimmer at lower volumes and powerfully thick overdrive when cranked up. Here are the details: 60 watts of power, 5- 12AX7 Groove Tubes preamp section, 2- 6L6 power amp section, 1- 6V6 Reverb driver tube, Pre-gain ’63 style Fender Reverb, Dwell, Mix, Tone, Fat Switch. Volume, Treble, Bass, Mid, and Vibrato controls, and 3 Jensen P10R speakers.

Condition: New

Item Code: ISI1852




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