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Carvin RL-118 Bass Cab, Recent

Four ohm, 600 watt cab, EC

Condition: Used



Fender Mustang II (V.2) Combo, Recent

With the built in amp models and digital effects, EC

Condition: Used



Fender Vibrosonic Reverb ’75

Master volume, Loaded with a JBL K-130 speaker, EC

Condition: Used


8.2 pounds! $1,350.00

Fender Johnny Marr Jaguar, Recent

Olympic White, Made in USA, With hardshell case, EC

Condition: Used



Marshall 1960A Slant 4-12 Cab, Recent


Condition: Used



Earthquaker Devices Ghost Echo

Vintage spring reverb emulation capable of providing a little atmosphere all the way through to vast depths in one tiny box. The attack control sets the delay of the initial pick attack on the wet signal only. When playing staccato this registers as a slap back type echo hitting the reverb but when playing fluid lines it adds a massive depth and “fattens” up the sound. The dwell control is a fine tune function that enhances the decay and the depth controls the intensity of the reverb. All analog dry path, true bypass and handmade one at a time in mystical Akron, Ohio. With box and velcro, EC.

Condition: Used



Morley Wah Pedal SP


Condition: Used


9.0 pounds! $4,995.00

Gibson Jimmy Page Les Paul Standard ’95

Sunburst, With an extra pickguard and the original hardshell case, EC+

Condition: Used



Gibson ES-347 ’81

Cherry Sunburst, Factory second stamp, With hardshell case, EC

Condition: Used



Fender Standard HSS Strat ’11

Black, Made in Mexico, Rosewood fingerboard, With gig bag, EC

Condition: Used


7.4 pounds! $1,395.00

Fender Eric Johnson Strat Maple, Recent

Two Tone Sunburst, With hardshell case, EC

Condition: Used



Option 5 Destination Phase

The Destination Phase stereo phase shifter is constructed of all analog circuitry. Features include True, panning, stereo phase shifting, distortion free peaks, wide range of Speed control, and non tone altering Depth control. With Box, EC.

Condition: Used



Martin D-35 ’11

Natural, With hardshell case, EC+

Condition: Used


8.2 pounds! $1,995.00

Fender Custom Shop NOS Strat Pro ’11

3 Color Sunburst, Alder body with a contoured heel, Standard shaped Maple neck with a 12″ radius Rosewood fingerboard and medium jumbo, Fender SCN pickups, Sperzel locking tuners and a LSR roller nut, With the certificate and hardshell case, EC

Condition: Used



Bass Mods NT-7 7 String Bass, Recent

Natural, Kent Armstrong pickups with an active preamp, No case, EC

Condition: Used



G. Gould GGi5 5 String Bass, Recent

Blue/Green Burst, Flame Maple top, Alder body, EMG-X pickups, Graphite composite neck with a Rosewood fingerboard and truss rod, With hardshell case, EC+

Condition: Used



Roscoe 5 String Fretless Bass, Recent

Dark Cherry, Quilt Maple top, Ash body, Bartolini pickups and preamp, With hardshell case, EC+

Condition: Used



Peavey Millennium AC Bass, Recent

Dark Amber, Made in Indonesia, No case, EC+

Condition: Used


7.8 pounds! $1,395.00

Fender Eric Johnson Strat Rosewood, Recent

Dakota Red, With hardshell case, EC

Condition: Used


8.8 pounds! $4,250.00

Gibson Robby Krieger ’54 Les Paul Custom ’14

Lamp Black finish, Custom Shop, VOS specs, One piece Mahogany body, Single layer Ebony fingerboard with the Pearl block inlays on a Mahogany neck, P-90 Alnico 3 bridge and Seymour Duncan SM1N mini humbucker neck pickups, Tune-o-matic bridge with a lightweight Aluminum stopbar tailpiece, Bumble Bee tone caps, Waffle back tuning keys, With the certificate and hardshell case, EC+

Condition: Used



Epiphone Elitist Riviera 12 String, Recent

Vintage Sunburst, With hardshell case, EC+

Condition: Used



Eminence Beta-15A

The Eminence Beta-15A 15" replacement speaker is the perfect solution for keeping your PA system at its best. This 300W, 8 Ohm speaker is built to perform and impress. The ultra-durable pressed steel chassis ensures that your PA will be able to withstand even the most rigorous situations. Whether you're on the road or setting up at a venue, this speaker will keep your PA sounding great. So if you need a realiable replacement speaker of exceptional sound quality, the Eminence Beta-15A 15" replacement speaker is the right speaker for you. EC. -ON HOLD!

Condition: Used

Call or e-mail for availability

7.6 pounds! $2,495.00

Fender Custom Shop ’64 Relic Strat ’14

3 Color Sunburst, Alder body, Mid 60's Oval C shaped Maple neck with a 7.25" radius Rosewood fingerboard and vintage frets, L series neckplate and clay dot position markers, Handwound 60's Relic Strat pickups, With the certificate and hardshell case, EC

Condition: Used



Godlyke Rust Ride Bass Driver

The HAO Rust Ride Bass Driver was designed to provide the Bass Player with a functional, professional-quality overdrive without compromising note clarity or low-end response. The components of the HAO Rust Ride were painstakingly selected in order to maintain the original Bass tone and note attack/release dynamics that are typically lost with other OD units. Its preset EQ offers three different frequency curves without altering the overall frequency operation range, providing voicing options that can’t be achieved w/a normal tone control. Passive and Active inputs allow the HAO Rust Ride to operate with any type of Bass while individual Dry and Effect outputs offer routing of clean Bass tone to a tuner, P.A. system, or a second amplifier. EC-.

Condition: Used


7.8 pounds! $1,995.00

Fender Custom Shop Closet Classic Strat Pro ’13

White Blonde, Ash body, Mid 60’s Oval C shaped 5/4 quartersawn Maple neck with a 9.5" radius Rosewood fingerboard and Sanko 6105 frets, Fat 50’s pickups, Locking tuners, With the certificate and hardshell case, EC

Condition: Used



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