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Fender American Vintage ’62 Reissue Precision Bass, Recent

3 Color Sunburst, With hardshell case, EC

Condition: Used



Gibson Lloyd Loar “Master Model” F5 Mandolin, 1923

Sunburst, No Virzi, The center seam has opened on the tail block and there is a 1" crack on the bass side of the neck block, With the original hardshell case, EC

Condition: Used



Boss MZ-2 Digital Metalizer

Made In Japan in 1990, EC-.

Condition: Used



MXR M-173 Classic 108 Fuzz

Guitarists of all styles, from Hendrix devotees to garage rockers and stoner-metal fanatics, will dig the familiar late-Sixties/early-Seventies crunch delivered by the MXR M-173 Classic 108 Fuzz. Dunlop has taken the guts of the BC-108 loaded Fuzz Face, placed them in a more pedalboard-friendly shape, and added the modern conveniences of a battery door, optional AC operation, and true bypass with LED. The M-173 pedal's Buffer switch eliminates the audible oscillation caused when some wah-wahs are placed in front of a Fuzz Face. The Classic 108 Fuzz Pedal comes in a heavy-duty Phase 100-sized box with a sweet hammer-tone turquoise finish. With Box, EC.

Condition: Used



Voodoo Lab GCX Guitar audio Switcher

Get total control over your pedals, rack effects, amp & channel switching, and more with the GCX Guitar Audio Switcher. You can use each of the eight loops for true bypass effect switching, A/B switching to select amps and preamps, or to control any type of footswitch function such as amp channel switching. GCX loops have no active circuitry, and use the finest gold relays sealed in nitrogen, so your tone will stay pure and dynamic no matter what kind or how many effects you use. Combine the GCX Guitar Audio Switcher with a Ground Control Pro to form a complete switching system that has been the touring and recording pro's choice for over 15 years! EC.

Condition: Used


7.8 pounds! $3,495.00

Fender Custom Shop Limited Edition Custom ’57 Relic Strat ’99

Sunburst, Vince Cunetto era, Number 4 of the 10 that were built, Ash body, Birdseye Maple neck with a 12" radius fingerboard and jumbo frets, The certificate is dated March '99, With Tweed case, EC

Condition: Used



Gallien Krueger 410GLX 4-10 Bass Cab, Recent

8 ohm/400 watt cab, EC

Condition: Used


7.6 pounds! $3,750.00

Paul Reed Smith Modern Eagle Single Cut Tremolo ’07

Red Tiger, Brazilian Rosewood neck and fingerboard, Wide/Fat neck carve, Signed "To Brian - Paul Reed Smith" on the back of the headstock, With the Leather/Suede hardshell case, EC

Condition: Used



Digitech RP14D Integrated Tube Guitar Processor

With box, manuals, and power supply, EC.

Condition: Used


7.8 pounds! $850.00

Fender American Standard Strat ’10

Black, Maple fingerboard, Fender Custom Shop pickups have been installed, With hardshell case, EC

Condition: Used


7.6 pounds! $895.00

Fender American Standard Strat ’08

Sienna Sunburst, Ash body, Rosewood fingerboard, With hardshell case, EC

Condition: Used



Fender Deluxe V String Jazz Bass ’03

Black, Made in Mexico, Active preamp, With gig bag, EC

Condition: Used



Fender Standard HSS Strat ’12

Sunburst, Made in Mexico, Maple fingerboard, With gig bag, EC+

Condition: Used


7.6 pounds! $1,295.00

Fender John Mayer Strat, Recent

3 Color Sunburst, With hardshell case, EC+ ON HOLD

Condition: Used

Call or e-mail for availability


Engl Powerball 100 Head, Recent

The first version, 100 watt tube head, EC

Condition: Used



Fender American Vintage ’63 Reissue Precision Bass, Recent

Olympic White, With hardshell case, EC+

Condition: Used



Rocktron Pulse Tremolo

Smooth, non-symmetrical signal modulation via a photo-resistor delivers vintage-style tube-amp tremolo you can control with Speed and Intensity knobs. Pulse is controlled by an LFO. A switch provides triangle or square LFO pulse modulation waveforms. Missing the battery cover. With Box, EC-.

Condition: Used



Line 6 Bass Pod Pro

The Line 6 Bass PODxt Pro features 28 amp models, 22 cab models, and more than 50 stompbox and studio effects to make this a must-have for the contemporary bassist. Dedicated compressor and 6-band semi-parametric EQ. Versatile connections include 1/4" and XLR stereo outs, AES/EBU and S/PDIF digital I/O, effects loop, and analog re-amping in and out. Features biamp mode with selectable crossover and ability to mix direct signal with modeled output. Also 4 mic models, A.I.R. cab/speaker/mic emulation, MIDI, chromatic tuner, 64 channel memories, and USB digital I/O for Mac and PC recording. EC.

Condition: Used


7.6 pounds! $1,395.00

Fender Eric Johnson Strat Maple, Recent

White Blonde, The front of the guitar has faded/yellowed, With hardshell case, EC

Condition: Used


7.2 pounds! $2,250.00

Fender Custom Shop ’62 Relic Strat ’07

Dakota Red, Alder body, Ordered with a 10/56 V shaped Maple neck and a 7.25" radius slab Rosewood fingerboard with vintage size frets, With the certificate and hardshell case, EC

Condition: Used



Heritage Eagle ’00

Sunburst, Repaired top crack under the pickguard, The wooden pickguard has also been cracked and repaired, With hardshell case, EC

Condition: Used



Callaham Bridge and Tailpiece


Condition: Used


7.4 pounds! $1,495.00

Gibson Les Paul Classic ’10

Cherry, All Mahogany, DiMarzio pickups have been installed, With a non original hardshell case, EC-

Condition: Used



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