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8.6 pounds! $3,495.00

Paul Reed Smith 408 Brazilian ’13

Mekana Blue, 10 top, Solid Brazilian Rosewood neck, Bird inlays, Hybrid hardware, With hardshell case, EC

Condition: Used


8.0 pounds! $1,250.00

Paul Reed Smith CE-24 Maple Top ’91

Cherry Sunburst, With hardshell case, EC

Condition: Used



Gretsch G6119 Tennessee Rose ’05

Burgundy, With hardshell case, EC

Condition: Used



Fender 60′s Reissue Strat ’13

Lake Placid Blue, Made in Mexico, With gig bag, EC+

Condition: Used


6.8 pounds! $2,495.00

Fender Custom Shop Limited Edition ’52 Relic Tele ’05

Copper, Ash body, 9.5" radius fingerboard and medium jumbo frets, With the certificate and hardshell case, EC

Condition: Used



Gibson B-25-12 ’65

Cherry Sunburst, Factory second, Repro tuners have been installed, With hardshell case, EC-

Condition: Used



Gretsch G6136T-LDS White Falcon ’08

Aged White, Missing the pickgaurd and there is a 2.5" crack/separation on the back, With hardshell case, EC

Condition: Used


7.8 pounds! $2,495.00

Paul Reed Smith Al Di Meola ’12

Prism, 57/08 bridge and neck pickups, With hardshell case, EC

Condition: Used



Victoria Double Deluxe 2-12 Combo, Recent

Tweed, EC+

Condition: Used


7.2 pounds! $850.00

Fender American Standard Tele ’12

Mystic Blue, With hardshell case, EC+

Condition: Used



Marshall MG-50DFX 1-12 Combo, Recent

Two channel amp with the built in digital effects, EC

Condition: Used



Collings SJ Custom Left Hand, Recent

Sunburst, A L.R. Baggs I-Beam pickup has been installed, With hardshell case, EC-

Condition: Used



Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier Solo Head 150, Recent

With the footswitch, EC

Condition: Used


9.6 pounds! $2,495.00

Gibson ’56 Reissue Les Paul Goldtop ’06

Custom Shop/Historic Collection, With the certificate and hardshell case, EC

Condition: Used



Gibson EH-125 Lap Steel ’43

Sunburst, Non original knobs, No case, EC-

Condition: Used



Korg DTR1000

The DTR1000 is a must-have item for professional musicians, packed with essential features for pro guitar performance. For live performance, this tuner features enhanced distance visibility: A moving LED tuning indicator that increases in brightness as the correct pitch is approached and a large note display. This is a professional single rack tuner that fit's in with the rest of your professional rig. EC-.

Condition: Used



Fender 2×15 Pro Bass Cab

Rated at 1,600W program (800 watts continuous), the Fender 215 PRO bass cabinet delivers old-school flavor at a high volume. Between gigs, slide rails across the back make it easier to maneuver in and out of your vehicle. The 215 PRO bass cab's handles and wheels make carrying this large Fender cabinet much easier. Local Pickup Only. EC.

Condition: Used



Fender Deluxe Dimension Bass ’13

Natural, Made in Mexico, Ash body, With gig bag, EC+

Condition: Used


6.4 pounds! $995.00

Gibson SG Standard ’14

Manhattan Midnight, With hardshell case, EC

Condition: Used



Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass ’13

Black, Made in Mexico, With gig bag, EC

Condition: Used



Rocktron Banshee Talk Box

The Rocktron Banshee Talk Box brings a new twist to an outdated generation of complicated and risky talk boxes. Banshee is unique because it contains an internal preamp, amplifier, and horn driver. You simply plug into your pedalboard and run the provided tubing up the mic stand and into your mouth. There's no risk of blowing up your favorite amp head (a possibility with talk boxes of yore). The rest is up to your imagination as you generate incredible talking tones. A wide range of clean and dirty preamp tones may be dialed in with plenty of saturation for those who desire lots of gain. Not only does the Banshee scream in the talkbox mode, but it also includes an extra jack for hookup with an extension pedal speaker. EC.

Condition: Used



TC Hellicon MP75 Modern Performance Mic

The TC-Helicon MP75 Modern Performance Mic gives you outstanding 2-in-1 value. Not only is it a great-sounding feedback-resistant vocal microphone, but it's also a high-tech hands-on controller for TC-Helicon's live vocal effects units. The MP75 lets you instantly change presets on any of the VoiceTone and VoiceLive series effects units. It's the perfect way to take charge of your sound, without feeling tethered to just one spot onstage. If you use TC vocal effects live, the MP75 is a must-have performance tool! EC+.

Condition: Used



Behringer Ultra Distortion


Condition: Used



Boss RT-20 Rotary Sound Processor

From the Beatles to Jeff Beck, Santana to Stevie Ray Vaughan, many guitar greats have embraced the rotary speaker sound onstage and in the studio. BOSS proudly announces the newest member of its Twin Pedal series - the RT-20 Rotary Sound Processor. Employing COSM modeling technology, the RT-20 authentically reproduces classic rotary-speaker sounds. It offers adjustable Rise Time, Horn and Bass seed, Overdrive, and more. And not just for classic twirl, the BOSS RT-20 can be used to create unique overdrive and pulsating effects as well. This pedal sounds amazing, and offers a stunning graphical view of the virtual rotors on its built-in display. With Box, EC+.

Condition: Used



Viewing 276 - 300 of 530View All