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BBE 462 Sonic Maximizer

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Item Code: ISI10374.

Product Description

The BBE Sonic Maximizer 462 is a versatile two-channel signal processor that will benefit any sound system.  Music will have added sparkle and clarity.  Lower frequencies, such as bass guitar, will be more evident in the mix.  Voices will be crystal clear.  Guitar and keyboard will have greater integrity and be more distinct from each other.  The BBE 462 is a welcome addition to both live or recorded sound production.

The BBE 462 has the following features:

  • Independent Process and LO Contour control for each channel, to accommodate mono or stereo systems.
  • A Function Switch to allow comparison of the BBE processed to the unprocessed signal.
  • Quarter inch Phono jacks and RCA connectors to allow easy, unbalanced configuration to any sound system.
  • Clip LED to monitor signal input level, per channel.
  • Four-level LED indicators to monitor output level, per channel.
  • Housed in a powered 1U rack mount.



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