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“Welcome to the guitar collection. On the second floor of our store we have on display over 300 guitars and more than 50 amps that I’ve accumulated over the years. The friends and customers that have visited us seem to really appreciate being able to view this, so we thought we would share it with our online friends and fellow guitar enthusiasts as well. Enjoy!”

– Dave Rogers

The items in Dave’s Collection are not available for purchase.

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  • L11394_logo

    Stratocaster, '63

    Burgundy Mist, Serial # L11394. Purchased locally from the wife of the original owner. He was kindly gentleman who brought this guitar into my first store back in ’82 for a restring… READ MORE

  • L14737_logo

    Stratocaster, '63

    Refinished in Natural, 2 piece Korina body, Serial # L14737. We know that Fender was experimenting with woods during this period, and we’ve seen some Mahogany body Strats & Teles… READ MORE

  • L19865_logo

    Stratocaster, '63

    Blond, Serial # L19865.

  • L27250_logo

    Stratocaster, '64

    Black, Serial # L27250.

  • L20674_logo

    Stratocaster, '64

    Lake Placid Blue, Serial # L20674.  This guitar is a gorgeous custom color Fender Strat. Besides having a stunning Lake Placid Blue finish, this February 1964 guitar has other features… READ MORE

  • L36630_logo

    Stratocaster, '64

    Sunburst, Serial # L36630.

  • 116384_logo

    Stratocaster, '66

    Candy Apple Red, Serial # 116384.

  • 107518_logo

    Stratocaster, '65

    Charcoal Frost Metallic, Serial # 107518.

  • 107632_logo

    Stratocaster, '65

    Ocean Turquoise, Serial # 107632, This is a nice custom color Strat with some honest playing wear. It is pictured on page 41 of the Vintage Guitar Book by Mac Yasuda.

  • 101113_logo

    Stratocaster, '65

    Lake Placid Blue, Serial # 101113.

  • 104239_logo

    Stratocaster, ’65

    Sonic Blue, Serial # 104234. Guitar collectors consider 1965 to be one of the most significant years in history. It was the year that the large corporation Columbia Broadcasting Systems… READ MORE

  • L90333_logo

    Stratocaster, '65

    Sunburst, Serial number L90333, This Strat has a maple cap fingerboard and it does not have the walnut skunk stripe on the back of the neck. We have seen this… READ MORE

  • L86093_logo

    Stratocaster, '65

    Olympic White, Serial # L86093

  • L64322_logo

    Stratocaster, '65

    Dakota Red, Serial # L64322. This one has been in the collection for a very long time and was purchased back when clean custom color Strats were affordable, This one… READ MORE

  • L59451_logo

    Stratocaster, '65

    Lake Placid Blue, Serial # L59451.

  • 47040_logo

    Country Club, ’62

    Cadillac Green, Serial # 47040. The Fred Gretsch Manufacturing Company had been making drums, banjos and lower priced student guitars distributed by other brands since 1883, but it wasn’t until… READ MORE

  • GrNA2_logo

    Country Club, '55

    Cadilac Green.

  • 09618_logo

    Electro II, '53

    Sunburst, Serial # 09618.

  • 26356_logo

    White Falcon, ’58

    White, Serial # 26356. The exciting changes in the popular music of the 1950s also called for electrifying transformations in musical instruments.  The electric guitar was increasingly prominent, so the… READ MORE

  • 79726_logo

    Country Gentleman, '65

    Walnut, Serial # 79726.

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