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“Welcome to the guitar collection. On the second floor of our store we have on display over 300 guitars and more than 50 amps that I’ve accumulated over the years. The friends and customers that have visited us seem to really appreciate being able to view this, so we thought we would share it with our online friends and fellow guitar enthusiasts as well. Enjoy!”

– Dave Rogers

The items in Dave’s Collection are not available for purchase.

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  • Paul Reed Smith X
  • 13206_logo

    Custom, 1987

    Vintage Yellow, Birds, Brazilian board and the sweet switch, Just a perfect combination! A very wild top on this one!

  • 7123858_logo

    Modern Eagle, 2007

    Faded Blue Jean, I have very strong feelings for this one as it was a gift from Paul Reed Smith! He is such a wonderful man and I had heard… READ MORE

  • 95957_logo

    Custom, 1989

    Black Sunburst, 10 top, Birds, Brazilian board and sweet switch, A few years back I had my good friend Jim Barth (anything I’m ever looking for, he can find for… READ MORE

  • PRS_NA2_logo

    Custom, 1989

    Vintage Yellow, 10 Quilt top, Birds and Brazilian board. The previous owner installed different pickups and a 3 way switch, but this guitar rocks just the way it is. I… READ MORE

  • 61323_logo

    Custom, 1986

    Tobacco Sunburst, Moons, Brazilian board and sweet switch. An amazingly clean early PRS!

  • 08566_logo

    Custom, 1990

    Vintage Yellow with bird inlays on a Brazilian board and a sweet switch. To me, this is the perfect combination for the early PRS guitars!

  • 09252_logo

    Custom, 1990

    Vintage Sunburst, birds, Brazilian board and the sweet switch. This one has a “B” stamp on the back of the headstock. I think that means that there was some sort… READ MORE

  • 96819_logo

    Custom, 1989

    Vintage Yellow, 10 top, Birds, Brazilian board and sweet switch. Extremely clean! To me, this is the ultimate 80’s PRS!

  • 10_logo

    Custom, 1990

    Vintage Sunburst with 10 top, birds, Brazilian board and sweet switch.

  • 110063_logo

    Custom, 1991

    Vintage Yellow, 10 top, bird inlays, Brazilian board and sweet switch. A very exotic top on this one and virtually unplayed.

  • 73005_logo

    Custom, 1987

    Vintage Sunburst, Moons, Brazilian board and sweet switch, Just another nice early PRS!

  • 112024_logo

    Custom, 1991

    Vintage Sunburst, 10 Quilt top, Birds, Gold hardware, Brazilian board and sweet switch, They had offered these in the early 90’s with the stop tailpiece/tuneomatic bridge combination that I am… READ MORE

  • 1111177_logo

    Custom, 1987

    Vintage Sunburst, A very clean example!

  • 212783_logo

    Custom, 1992

    Cherry Sunburst, Bird inlays, Another one of the stop tailpiece/tuneomatic guitars! I love this set up on a PRS!

  • 61336_logo

    Custom, 1989

    Vintage Sunburst, Moons, Brazilian board and a KILLER 10 top! This one is also exceptionally clean!

  • 09739_logo

    Limited Edition, 1990

    Sunburst, Number 6 of 300 made. This one is chambered with a Redwood top, Gold hardware and a tuneomatic/stop tailpiece combination that I LOVE on a PRS! I wish they’d… READ MORE

  • 97512_logo

    Custom, 1990

    Vintage Sunburst, A very interesting 10 top on this one! Plus gold hardware, birds and the Brazilian board!

  • 212565_logo

    Signature, 1992

    Cherry Sunburst, Inlaid eagle on headstock, Birds and gold hardware, Written on the back of the headstock is “The last sig series, The end of an era” and then signed… READ MORE

  • 61627_logo

    Standard, 1986

    Pearl White, Brazilian board, I’m not a big fan of solid color PRS guitars, but this is a nice early example of Paul’s work.

  • PRS-NA1_logo

    EG Prototype

    Cherry, Set neck, No serial number, I bought this one from Paul out of his archive guitars. This version never made it to production!

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