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“Welcome to the guitar collection. On the second floor of our store we have on display over 300 guitars and more than 50 amps that I’ve accumulated over the years. The friends and customers that have visited us seem to really appreciate being able to view this, so we thought we would share it with our online friends and fellow guitar enthusiasts as well. Enjoy!”

– Dave Rogers

The items in Dave’s Collection are not available for purchase.

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  • Gibson X
  • 505348_logo

    SG Standard, '65

    Pelham Blue, Serial # 505348. By the time this guitar was made in 1965, Les Paul’s endorsement deal had ended (1963). The entire line became officially known as SGs. This… READ MORE

  • 9-1002_logo

    Explorer Reissue, '91

    Natural Korina, Serial # 9 1002. This is the prototype for the Historic ’59 Explorer Reissue. It was pictured in the first Gibson Historic Series Catalog.

  • 43427_logo

    Les Paul Gold Top, '54

    Serial # 4 3427, A very rare all gold version. They don’t get any cleaner than this one.

  • 258940_logo

    Firebird III, ’65

    Sunburst, Serial # 258940. Transitional model with reverse body, P-90 pickups, and Kluson strip tuners instead of banjo tuners! Very rare! In 1962 Gibson president Ted McCarty decided that a… READ MORE

  • 207310_logo

    SG Standard, '64

    Cherry, Serial # 207310.

  • 9-1995_logo

    Explorer, '59

    Natural Korina, Serial number 9 1995. Purchased at a Dallas Show in the early 90’s, I remember thinking at the time that if I didn’t buy this one, I’d never… READ MORE

  • 30602_logo

    Les Paul Gold Top, '53

    Serial # 3 0602, I’ve had this one around forever! I’ve mostly kept it just to have an example of each version of the 50’s Goldtop Les Paul. We’ve used… READ MORE

  • GNA3_logo

    Firebird I, '64

    Cardinal Red, Serial # 191966. Firebird I’s are hard to find in Sunburst, but custom colors are very rare indeed! My good friend Paul Munden found this one for me… READ MORE

  • 178741_logo

    SG Standard, '64

    Cherry, Serial # 178741

  • GNA1_logo

    Lonnie Mack Prototype Flying V, 90's

    Cherry, Serial # 008!

  • GNA-LP_logo

    Les Paul Goldtop '52

    This is the earliest version of the Goltop Les Paul. It has the extra 2 screws in the bridge pickup and no neck binding. Historically interesting, but not much of… READ MORE

  • 179985_logo

    Firebird I, '64

    Sunburst, Serial # 179985.

  • 15288_logo

    Les Paul Standard, '61

    Cherry, Serial # 15288. By 1960 poor sales of the original single cutaway Les Paul guitars caused Gibson to design a new more modern Les Paul model to compete with… READ MORE

  • 9-1001_logo

    Flying V Reissue, '91

    Natural Korina, Serial # 9 1001. This is the prototype for the Historic ’59 Flying V Reissue. It was pictured in the first Gibson Historic Series Catalog.

  • 8-3775_logo

    Les Paul Custom, '58

    Ebony, Serial # 8 3775.

  • 195742_logo

    Thunderbird Bass, '64

    Sunburst, Serial # 198742.

  • 3690_logo

    Les Paul Custom, ’61

    White, Serial # 3690. Sales for the original single cutaway Les Paul Standards and Customs were dropping by the end of the ‘50s. This led Gibson President Ted McCarty to… READ MORE

  • GNA2_logo

    Flying V, '59

    Natural Korina, Competition with other companies has always pressed Gibson into coming up with its most innovative designs. The rivalry with Epiphone in the 1920s and 1930s encouraged both companies… READ MORE

  • 851851_logo

    Firebird V, '66

    Sunburst, Serial # 851851. Non Reverse

  • LPT-052_logo

    Korina Tribute Les Paul '08

    Natural, One of the newest guitars in the collection, but I couldn’t resist! Gibson was scheduled to build 100 of these in 2008 as a 50th Anniversary Tribute, but they… READ MORE

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