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“Welcome to the guitar collection. On the second floor of our store we have on display over 300 guitars and more than 50 amps that I’ve accumulated over the years. The friends and customers that have visited us seem to really appreciate being able to view this, so we thought we would share it with our online friends and fellow guitar enthusiasts as well. Enjoy!”

– Dave Rogers

The items in Dave’s Collection are not available for purchase.

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  • Fender X
  • 17439_logo

    Stratocaster, '57

    Sunburst, Serial # -17439.

  • 2580_logo

    Esquire, '52

    Blonde, Serial # 2580. This one is nice and clean. There is just a hint of fingerboard wear. I purchased this one back during the days when an Esquire was… READ MORE

  • 4238_logo

    Telecaster, '53

    Blonde, Serial # 4238. This is really one of the cleanest black guard Telecasters that I have ever seen! I remember having to pay $10,000 for it many years ago…. READ MORE

  • 20869_logo

    Stratocaster, '57

    Taos Turquoise, Serial # -20869. A very rare to ever see Custom Colors from the 50’s. There were very few of these that were done in this color to match the automobile colors that were coming… READ MORE

  • 236389_logo

    Esquire, '68

    Blond, Serial # 236389.

  • 36315_logo

    Stratocaster, '58

    Blonde, Serial # 36315.

  • 230818_logo

    Telecaster Thinline, '68

    Natural, Serial # 230818.

  • 026665_logo

    Stratocaster, '58

    Sunburst, Serial # 026665. The space age looking maple neck Stratocaster was favored by many innovative rockers of the 1950s era, including Buddy Holly, Johnny Meeks (of Gene Vincent’s Blue… READ MORE

  • 241136_logo

    Telecaster Thinline, '68

    Sunburst, Serial # 241136.

  • 263366_logo

    Swinger, '69

    Dakota Red, Serial # 263366.

  • 38098_logo

    Stratocaster, '59

    Sunburst, Serial # 38098. In 1959 the Fender electric guitar line was revamped to include rosewood fingerboards attached to the one-piece maple necks. Rosewood fingerboards were standard on most other… READ MORE

  • 205513_logo

    Telecaster, '67

    Blond, Serial # 205513, Neck Date September ’67. In the summer of 1967, Fender experimented with ways to make a Telecaster lighter. Large cavities were routed underneath the pickguard to… READ MORE

  • 235002_logo

    Coronado II, '68

    Antigua, Serial # 235002.

  • 43228_logo

    Stratocaster, '59

    Sunburst, Serial # 43228.

  • 3032_logo

    Esquire, '53

    Blonde, Serial # 3032.

  • 501108_logo

    Coronado II, '68

    Lake Placid Blue, Serial # 501108.

  • 103581_logo

    Stratocaster, '68

    Firemist Gold, Serial # 103581. This guitar was rescued a number of years back. This Strat was actually out for sale in the shop as a refin and tagged accordingly…. READ MORE

  • 4123_logo

    Telecaster, ’53

    Blonde, Serial # 4123. This one was acquired in a trade deal with Larry Hendrickson back around 1980. I have to say that this is one of my favorite Teles. In… READ MORE

  • 107518_logo

    Stratocaster, '65

    Charcoal Frost Metallic, Serial # 107518.

  • 49005_logo

    Stratocaster, '60

    Fiesta Red, Serial # 49005. When the Fender Stratocaster was introduced in 1954, one of the main special features was a built in vibrato unit called the “Synchronized Tremolo”.  A… READ MORE

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