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“Welcome to the guitar collection. On the second floor of our store we have on display over 300 guitars and more than 50 amps that I’ve accumulated over the years. The friends and customers that have visited us seem to really appreciate being able to view this, so we thought we would share it with our online friends and fellow guitar enthusiasts as well. Enjoy!”

- Dave Rogers

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Gibson J-160E, ’65

Sunburst, Serial number 252074.
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Gibson ES-335, ’59

Natural, Serial number A30855.
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Gibson L-7, ’49

Natural, Serial number A2454.
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Gibson L-7C, ’50

Natural, Serial number A4584.
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Gibson ES-335, ’62

Cherry, Serial number 73855.
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Rickenbacker 950, ’63

Fireglo, Serial number CE510.
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Gretsch 6120, ’59

Western Orange, Serial number 33066.
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Rickenbacker 366, ’67

Fireglo, Serial number GI4142.
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Strat, ’57

Sunburst, Alder body, Serial number 024384, I bought this lovely '57 Strat along with a matching Tweed Super many years ago. This pair came from the "north woods" of Wisconsin. I remember paying what I thought was top dollar for these back then, and they sure are clean.
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Rickenbacker 325, ’64

Fireglo, Serial number DG894.
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Paul Reed Smith Custom 24, ’91

Vintage Yellow, Serial number 110404.
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Paul Reed Smith Artist I, ’92

Dark Cherry Sunburst, Serial number 214788.
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Martin D-18, ’57

Natural, Serial number 158407.
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Rickenbacker 360/12, ’68

Mapleglo, Serial number HJ1574.

Martin F-7, ’35

Sunburst, No serial number.

Gibson ES-5 Switchmaster, ’59

Sunburst, Serial number A30449.

Gibson ES-175, ’57

Sunburst, Serial number A25586.

Fender Strat, ’64

Candy Apple Red, Serial number L45572.

Vox Model “AC-30ST” ’64

Black tolex, Serial number 04308B.

Fender Model “Tremolux Amp. AB763″ ’66

Black tolex, Serial number A06527.

Fender Model 5C5 “Pro-Amp” ’53

Tweed, Serial number 221.

Gibson Les Paul Model, ’56

Black, Serial # 65398, Very rare to see one of these in all Black. This one is not in pristine condition, but it is certainly rare enough to where it deserves a spot in the collection.

Gibson L-1, ’29


Fender Model 5E5 “Pro-Amp” ’57

Tweed, Serial # 501622.

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