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1965 Fender Stratocaster… With just a little TLC

So, almost daily we get emails, phone calls or walk-in about really cool old guitars. Some times people are just wondering what they are worth, sometimes people are looking for insurance appraisals or sometimes people are looking to sell them. We are lucky enough to work in a place like this and after a while you just get used to it. Here is a snap shop of what my morning looked like:

I walked in rushed as i was running late this morning. I swung through the repair shop quickly and glaced over to see Carl and Lock bent over a pick guard and a guitar body. Not thinking much of it I continue on with my day. Between answering emails, phone call’s and helping Dave get some things arranged i stopped up in his office and this was laying on the Floor: a 1954 Gibson J-200 in great condition. These are fairly rare guitars and not all of them have survived in such good condition. One of our dealers found an old couple who had this one, bought it and traded it to Dave for some gear. This one will be going in his collection!

So naturally i stopped and played it for a little while. Once I had my fill I went back to it, answering emails and selling guitars. Shortly after this another gentleman came into the shop looking to sell an old guitar. I opened the case and laying there was a 1959 Martin 0-18. Its a little rough around the edges. Has a few cracks that need repairing, it will need a neck reset and some fret work, but when you have some of the best repairs guys around working at the shop thats not an issue. After Carl is done with this one it should be a great sounding little guitar!

Anyways, remember that guitar that I said Carl and Lock were working on earlier? I stop back in the repair shop to have Carl take the plate off a 1930’s National Resonator for me and notice that the guitar they have been working on all day isn’t just any old guitar. Its a 1965 Fender Stratocaster that Dave had bought earlier in the day! The guitar had been refinished and was covered in some type of preservative. Who ever refinished this thing didn’t bother to take ANY of the parts off. They just shot some kind of varnish over the whole thing. It wasn’t anything that couldn’t be fixed however!

After a few hours of work removing the varnish and cleaning this up this thing looks amazing! Everything in the guitar is original, other than the color and this guitar plays great! The finger board on this guitar has to be one of the craziest Brazilian rosewood finger boards I have ever seen! The grain pattern in it is crazy! Whoever ends  up picking this thing up is going to get a great old guitar for a great price!


-Tylor Fischer


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